Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Life in France (Julia Child)

I enjoyed reading this book and learning more about how Julia Child developed her love of french cooking. In this memoir, she relays several interesting stories and gives you a sense for how she came to adore french food and became interested in learning to cook. Some parts of the book were a little dry (too many details about people they met, etc.) and I had to skim a bit. But overall, the book was worth reading. I was happy that I had seen Julie & Julia first because it gave me a sense of the people/places in the book. I kind of want to rent some episodes of her cooking show just to see how she really was in person. And maybe, just maybe, I will try one of her recipes someday!

Time: March 1-12 & April 1-7
Length: 300 pages
Bonus: This was a library book! Thats why the dates are weird. I had to return the book before our trip and then re-check it when I got back!

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