Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flabbergasted & Delerious Summer (Ray Blackstone)

After spending WAY too much time reading the Left Behind series in high school, I have tended to stay far far away from religious fiction. It tends to be too cheesey for my taste. And do not even get me started on religious romance novels (except for Francine Rivers, obvi).

But Ray Blackston hits the right balance. Entertaining without being cheesey or preachy. Flabbergasted tells the story of a guy who moves to South Carolina and winds up meeting some church-hopping single girls. And falling in love.

A Delerious Summer is about another guy, a missionary, who ends up in South Carolina on furlough and meets the same group of church-hopping single girls. And falls in love. Admittedly, the descriptions sounds cheesey, but I enjoyed both books. Both are told from the male perspective, which I think takes out some of the cheesiness. Plus Blackston's depiction of the singles department in many churches is dead on. And don't blame me if you are dying to go to the beach or the rain forest after reading these!

Flabbergasted: listened to it sometime in 2006? Or 2007?
Delerious Summer: listened to it in March or April 2010?

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