Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sammy's Hill and Sammy's House

This is a two-for-one book review! I read Sammy's Hill sometime last year and just finished the sequel last week. The author is Kristin Gore, as in Al Gore's daughter. Given her upbringing, she has good insight on how things work "on the hill" and "in the house". Although her views tend to be a tad negative about the former president (who is clearly modeled after Bush) and a tad liberal, it wasn't prevelant enough to turn me off.

Sammy's Hill - Sammy is a staffer with a democratic Senator (or maybe he's a congressman, I can't remember). The book covers her adventures on the hill and eventually on the campaign trail. Sammy is a cute chick lit heroine - witty, a little clumsy, and insightful. This ranks high on my chick lit list!

Sammy's House - Sammy now works in the White House where she uncovers a few secrets about the administration and deals with a long distance relationship. Just as cute and entertaining as the first one!

Each book is about 300 pages and you should add them to your chick lit list!

Next Up: Water for Elephants (because all 3 of my readers voted for it)

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