Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Philosopher's Apprentice by James Morrow

Oh my.  How to describe this very bizarre book?  This is by far one of the strangest stories ever.  I tried to write a summary but gave up because it was way too complicated - cloning, conscience, abortion, hijacking and murder.  All cloaked in philosophy terms.  Ugh.  For example, these crazy right wing people find a way to use DNA from aborted fetuses, create clones of the would-be children, and send the clones to stalk/harass the would-be parents.  I mean, REALLY?

I read this at the recommendation of my Mimi and I cannot wait to see her to ask WHY on EARTH she liked this book?  It was just so weird!  Don't read it unless you are really desperate.  And even then just don't read it.

Read: September/October 2011

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