Saturday, September 25, 2010

Prep (Curtis Sittenfeld)

I listened to Prep last fall after reading American Wife, a novel loosely base on Laura Bush by the same author. Reading a novel about prep school was the perfect back-to-school book for fall. Here's the summary from Amazon:

A self-conscious outsider navigates the choppy waters of adolescence and a posh boarding school's social politics in Sittenfeld's A-grade coming-of-age debut. The strong narrative voice belongs to Lee Fiora, who leaves South Bend, Ind., for Boston's prestigious Ault School and finds her sense of identity supremely challenged. Now, at 24, she recounts her years learning "everything I needed to know about attracting and alienating people." Her reminiscences, still youthful but more wise, allow her to validate her feelings of loneliness and misery while forgiving herself for her lack of experience and knowledge. The book meanders on its way, light on plot but saturated with heartbreaking humor and written in clean prose.

Read/Listened: September 2010

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